Joe Morris Ensemble

Joe Morris - guitar

Brad Barrett - bass 
Elinor Speirs - violin
Dan O'Brien - clarinet, bass clarinet

3 of 9 Dimensions 
String Theory

PEK - clarinets, saxophones, contrabassoon, bass trombone, wood               flute, sheng, theremin, gongs, flex-a-tone, rattles, rachets,                   wood blocks, castanets, Tibetan bowls & bells, aquasonic,                   kazoo, game calls, voice   

Glynis Lomon - cello, aquasonic, voice 
Elinor Speirs - violin, castanets, Tibetan bells, rattle, voice
Eric Zinman - piano, piano interior, cymbals

Order of Ramification 
Leap of Faith

The core trio of the Boston collective Leap of Faith Orchestra of improvisers, approaching large work using unique compositional techniques and an arsenal of traditional and unusual instruments and percussive devices, here joined by Elinor Speirs on violin, log drums, glockenspiel, metal, wood, crotales, and cymbells, for a uniquely detailed and immense improvisation.

Topological Construction 
Leap of Faith

The core trio of the Leap of Faith Orchestra--PEK on clarinets, saxophones, clarinets & flutes, Glynis Lomon on cello, aquasonic & voice, and Yuri Zbitnov on drums & percussion--is joined by fellow Orchestra violinist Mimi Rabson and special guest, violinist Elinor Speirs, for a remarkable improvised work using a huge arsenal of instruments including a new Brontosaurus Bell.

Love Transformation 
Mina Cho


Mina Cho - piano 

George Lernis - drums, percussion

Do Young Kim - bass

Vasalis Kostas - laouto
Elinor Speirs - violin

Marza Wilks - cello
Shihai Li - alto sax

Sami Stevens - voice

The Stereography Project 
Marike van Dijk

Marike van Dijk - saxes/compositions, Ben van Gelder - basscl/asax, Lucas Pino - cl/tsax, Anna Webber - fl/tsax, Alan Ferber - tb, Elinor Speirs - vi, 
Sita Chay - vi, Eric Lemmon - vla, Amanda Gookin - vc, Manuel Schmiedel - pi, Rick Rosato - bass, Mark Schilders - dr, Ruben Samama - vc, 

Defne Sahin - vc

Afro-Peruvian Jazz


Elinor Speirs - violin

Yuri Juarez - guitar

Jono Stewart - bass

Josh Bailey - drums

Matthew Dunietz - cahon

Elinor Speirs


Elinor Speirs - violin/guitar/vocals

Tony Drake - keyboards, producer


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