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Free Music

 Elinor Speirs and Aaron Rubinstein - Muchmore's NYC
‘Thank you for a really amazing musical interpretation of my works…

Interdisciplinary Arts

 100 Painting Interpretations - Childs Gallery Boston 
 100 Painting Interpretations - StateoftheART Cape Town 
...I felt, listening to the music that you extrapolated something out of the works that was fresh and magical.
Trio for vocalist, violinist and dancer - NEC Boston
 Trio for violin, accordion and actress - Boiler House Jazz added a deeper level of experience and meaning.
I hope we can collaborate in the future!’
Shui-lyn White – Artist

Original Compositions and Structures

 Bounce for Jazz Quintet - Elinor Speirs with Touchstone
'Violin virtuoso Elinor Speirs performed a thrilling and wide-ranging show...'
— Noah Schaffe
 Throwback for Jazz Quintet - Elinor Speirs with Touchstone
 Throwback for Jazz Quintet - Elinor Speirs - West Village
'Speirs erupts half way through this long set, with quick, intense lines... 
 Bach Partita No.3 in E Major - Recomprovised

On Tour with the Mina Cho Jazz Quintet

 Simply Love You - Mina Cho - Once in a Blue Moon - Seoul
'Speirs is a gifted violinist and throughout the second half of this long set she is featured at length...'
Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
 Amazing Grace - M. Cho - Far East Broadcasting Co. Seoul

World Music Fusion

 Saci - Ricardo Herz - Brazilian Violin Collective - NEC
'Elinor is an outstanding violinist and a delight to have on board.'
​Matthew Reid, Director,
Playing with Fire
Lament for the Death of his Second Wife - Niel Gow (Scottish)
 Sunrise - Brad Shepik - West Village (Reggae)
 Murmurando - Fon-Fon - Brazilian Violin Collective - NEC
'Elinor... is an exceptional musician, and wonderful violinist, with a rich tone and the rare ability to perform with ease in a wide range of genres.'


Peter Narun, Guitarist and Founder, Take Two
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